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Re: Bengali Locale Specific Data (RFC 3066)

From: Goutam Kumar Saha <goutam.k.saha@kolkatacdac.in>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 14:42:36 +0530
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Hi Sourav,
The following are Bengali dialects (spoken forms only). 
Radhi (Kolkata, Nadia and Hoogly etc,)
Bangali (Tripura, some parts of Kolkata etc.)
Kamrupi (Coochbihar)
Barendri (Malda)
Jharkhandi (Jhargram)
Sylheti (Silchar) 

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  Hi Gautam,


  That's a good info.


  I'm really curious to know

  -          Based on what this classification is made ? Is it based on any standard followed in India ? 

  -          Are all these variants have their corresponding written form ? I'm not sure as I've not seen any literature/web-site etc. in the radhi/kamrupi/barendri/ or jharkhandi form.

  -          Which one of them is related to the Bengali in Bangladesh ? I guess bn-IN-bangali


  In general my worry is if these 5 variants are not much in use in Bengali Literature/Web Site etc. is it needed to have these 5 different variants.





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  Dear All,

  The following five dialects of Bengali language,as spoken in India, may be denoted as:








  Thanks & Regards,



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