Re: New article published: xml:lang in XML document schemas

On Fri, 25 Nov 2005 01:36:28 +0900, Sebastian Rahtz  
<> wrote:

> To follow on from Felix' note, there is an amusing contradiction in the
> document:
> It says that "XML Schema requires that the xml namespace be declared and
> imported before using xml:lang (and other xml namespace values)"
> and then "RELAX NG predeclares the xml namespace, as in XML, so no
> additional declaration is needed."
> But an XML Schema itself is an XML document,

yes, and the schema for XML Schemas imports xml.xsd, see :)
you are right, "as in XML" is confusing and should not be here. Richard,  
too late for an eratum?

-- Felix

> like the document instance
> which needs no declaration; so why declare the XML namespace in a schema?
> If I can declare xml:lang in my schema, I can presumably *mis*declare
> it, thereby setting up an internal conflict.
> I do find the W3C Schema approach to the XML namespace rather flawed.
> It's a pain in the neck on a daily basis
> when one's schema has to import xml.xsd all the time, for attributes
> which we all agree have a fixed
> definition.

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