Fw: FYI .. New article for REVIEW: xml:lang in XML document schemas


Attached is a some feedback from our XML parser team here, on the new
article on xml:lang posted for review.  There seems to be some problems
with the suggestons on use of xml:lang in the article  ...

w3c i18n group may want to take this up for discussions with the xml schema
/ infoset workgroup.

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> This could be of interest to our XML schema folks ..

Schema (and XML Infoset) currently have no special treatment for xml:lang:
it's just a normal attribute and appear in the infoset in the same way as
other attributes.

This article suggests that "xml:lang" should be used to specify the
language in which the XML is written, while other language stuff should be
used as part of the value being transmitted.

If the world adopts this suggestion, then a bunch of things could/should
happen (to treat xml:lang specially, similar to the treatment to namespace
- Special treatment for xml:lang in infoset (some special property?)
- Special validation rule for xml:lang in schema
- Special treatment in data binding specs (to ignore xml:lang)
- ...

I don't think any of these will happy easily. For schema, we've been
discussing treating all/some of xml: attribute specially. We are currently
leaning towards not to do that.

This article also mentions about "inheriting xml:lang", which is somewhat
misleading. The XML spec talks about that xml:lang's "intent is considered
to apply to the sub-tree". My reading of this is that xml:lang aware
processor can use such info to do useful things. But that doesn't imply
that xml:lang attribute is inherited by sub-elements in XML. The infoset
spec certainly has no mention of inheriting any xml:lang related infoset

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