RE: Primary Language in HTML, XHTML and XML

> The filename should be considered acceptable to specify the primary
> language. file is a registered URI scheme [US]. Examples:
> myfile.en.html
> myfile_en.html

This isn't terribly useful in general IMO. It would be useful if you were
reading /myfile.html in your preferred language of, say
French, and the English was the original and/or definitive version. In this
case you might follow a link to myfile_en.html that would be returned in
English as that is what you want in that particular case for a particular
purpose, despite your generally favouring French.

In most cases the language I want is a matter of what I can cope with, not a
matter of what I am interested in.

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Received on Thursday, 24 March 2005 01:36:14 UTC