Re: IDN problem.... :(

Commingling of scripts certainly is the issue here but they must be 
permitted for certain communities as their languages utilize multiple 
characters from multiple scripts.  During the development of ICANN痴 IDN 
guidelines I presented the details about the script mixing within com and 
net.  There were very few issues around the mixing of Latin and other 
scripts with the exception of Cyrillic and Greek.  However, there are 
several former Soviet Union nations that originally used Latin characters 
then converted to Cyrillic characters and who are now returning to Latin 
that need just this commingling.  Yes, there are very few registrations 
that come from Tajikistan, but these are the types of communities that IDNs 
were developed for.

CJK share characters on a regular basis.  The largest script mixing that we 
have in com and net is between Kanji and Katakana.  This is legitimate 
script mixing.  Even the Bengali/Katakana registrations that are in com are 
legitimate I am told as there was a significant Japanese population that 
remained in SE Asia after WWII.

Pat Kane

Received on Wednesday, 16 February 2005 05:58:55 UTC