Re: IDN problem.... :(


Thank you for the link. In that document, I find:

"Russian: Unicode Code Points U+002D, U+0030 through U+0039,
U+0400 through U+04FF, U+0500 through U+052F"

I'm wondering how it was possible for someone to register the spoofed domain name that kicked off this whole discussion. Of course, 
there are many registrars and they may not all have the necessary 
infrastructure to filter out illegal domain names, but in the RRP 
protocol (Registry Registrar Protocol), the registrar asks the registry 
(that would be VeriSign for .com) whether the domain name has already 
been registered.

At that point, wouldn't VeriSign be able to say "Sorry, that one's 
already taken" even though it isn't? I.e. this would be one way to 
filter out illegal domain names at the registry level.


Krall, Gary wrote:
> The information specific to code points and implementation is available
> here:

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