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Semantic Web +I18N issues? Tech Plenary?

From: Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 06:46:46 +0000
Message-ID: <41FDD456.6030903@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
To: www-international@w3.org


I'm in the Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment WG: we are 
organized into task forces of nominal duration of 6months (which of 
course means a year!). The task forces typical deliver by publishing WG 

The chair has indicated that, at our face-to-face meeting during the 
tech plenary (Thurs and Fri),  we might be able to kick off a new task 
force or two ...

I'm wondering if I could make a bid for something to do with 
internationalization ...

This would be more compelling if there were participants in the I18N 
activity wanting to participate in such work as well.

It's also more compelling if the work is essentially done already and 
the task force is primarily acting in a review role. On those lines I 
have a couple of completed pieces of work:
- the article Richard pointed to

- an (unpublished) article with Addison on RFC3066bis and OWL (both 
using OWL to represent the ontology in RFC3066bis, and using RFC3066bis 
to enhance the language handling in OWL). (I really need to get it 
together to get some version of this out). This is more difficult since 
it proposes substantive variation to RDF and OWL to make things work 
better ... technically an extension rather than a negation ... but there 
might be resistance.

Anyone have any other ideas, or think either of the above would be good 
or bad things to try and move to WG Note? Anyone wanting to participate 
in such a TF (typically an editor prepares a doc, that is reviewed by 
the TF, who propose that the WG publish a WD, after a WG reviewer from 
outside the TF has OKed it, we then publish for public review).

Any other ideas at all in this area ... (i.e. it is possible to propose 
something different from what this message presupposes)

During the tech plenary, I'll be around all week: on the Monday and 
Tuesday I'm nominally at the Semantic Web Interest Group meeting, but 
more than happy to take an hour out, if any of the I18N groups wanting 
me to meet with them to discuss these (or any other SW related) issues. 
I'm sure I'll be seeing you in the evenings too!

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