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On Thursday 2004-03-18 18:01 -0000, Richard Ishida wrote:
> The GEO task force has published a new article:
> 	Serving XHTML 1.0
> At:
> This very briefly describes some, often surprising, aspects of how
> servers send XHTML to the user agent (eg. a browser), and how common
> user agents handle the markup they receive. This article provides
> background information that helps explain why some aspects of CSS
> styling don't work the way you expect, but also sets the scene for the
> approach you should use for declaring encodings.

In the "further reading" and "related links" sections, it might be
better to link to rather
than .
The former is the next level up in the hierarchy, and has a high level
description, and points to doctypes.html and one other page for the

It might also be interesting (if it's possible at all) to document ways,
using common servers, to send a file with Content-Type:
application/xhtml+xml if the client sends application/xhtml+xml in the
Accept header (with equal or higher quality as text/html), and otherwise
send Content-Type: text/html.  (There doesn't seem to be an easy way to
do this with Apache 1.3, as far as I can tell.)


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