Re: UTF-8 signature / BOM in CSS

L. David Baron a écrit  :
>> > EncodingDecl = [BOM][@charset=<foobar>]
>> >
>> >with the additional constraint that EncodingDecl must occur at the 
>> >start of the stylesheet.
> I think the main advantage of such a change would be clarity.  (Or is
> there some other advantage you were thinking of?)

No, just that: make it explicit.

>  I agree that it makes
> it clearer that the BOM is allowed, but it might make it less clear that
> the processing of the encoding declaration is an entirely separate
> process from the tokenization and parsing of the stylesheet.

Hmmm, good point, but isn't it already the case with @charset?


Received on Sunday, 7 December 2003 20:01:10 UTC