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Re: Transcoding Tamil in the presence of markup

From: by way of Martin Duerst <tiro@tiro.com>
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 14:49:57 -0500
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At 09:47 AM 12/7/2003, Martin Duerst wrote:

>The basic problem is that one has to draw the line somewhere.
>Sometimes, one would for example like to color the dot on an 'i'.
>In Unicode, it may theoretically be possible (with a dotless 'i'
>and a 'dot above' or some such), but it wouldn't be a real 'i'

Unless you decompose and colour in a buffered layer, preserving the 
original character string.

John Hudson

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Theory set out to produce texts that could not be processed successfully
by the commonsensical assumptions that ordinary language puts into play.
There are texts of theory that resist meaning so powerfully ... that the
very process of failing to comprehend the text is part of what it has to offer
             - Lentricchia & Mclaughlin, _Critical terms for literary study_
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