New test page: UTF-8 signature / BOM

I have put together a test page to test support for UTF-8
signatures/BOMs in XHTML.

Cursory initial testing indicates that Netscape 4.8 displays a blank
line if the signature is present.  I hear that IE 5.2 Mac  and IE4 does
the same. IE6, Opera 7.2, Firebird 0.6.1 appear to work fine.

Also, Opera 7.2 and IE6 appear to override the declared encoding of a
file if the file has a utf-8 signature.  Firebird 0.6.1 does not.


[ Note that I've also seen the first line or so of external CSS style
sheets fail if a utf-8 signature is present.  If I can remember how to
replicate the failure, I'll write another test file to cover that. ]


Richard Ishida

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Received on Thursday, 27 November 2003 10:53:13 UTC