RE: Problem in downloading a pdf file having Japanese characters in the name of the file

On Thu, 30 Oct 2003, Steve Billings wrote:

> I wrestled with this problem earlier this year, and unfortunately found no
> good solutions. As far as I can tell (and I hope someone can prove me
> wrong), it's a yet-to-be solved problem in the internet infrastructure. I
> was using recent versions of IE and Netscape browsers, and a not-so-new
> version of Tomcat (3.something, I think).
> The approach that came closest to working was to encode the filename using
> URLEncoder
> ( with
> UTF-8, and set the Content-Disposition according to RFC 2047 as follows:

  You're not supposed to use RFC 2047 encoding for _parameters_
(such as 'filename' in Content-Disposition header)  of header
field. It's RFC 2231 that has to be used.  It's regrettable that
this fact is buried deep inside RFC 822/STD 11, RFC 2047, RFC 2184
and RFC 2231.

> With this approach, if the Japanese filename is short, when you save the
> file from the browser, everything looks fine. If you open it without saving
> it, Notepad gets the encoded name (bad). Another problem is that this
> approach can only handle filenames up to about 17 Japanese characters.
> I tried using other standards (RFC 2184, RFC 2231) with no success.

  Mozilla 1.5 or later does support RFC 2231 (see
and <>)
It's unfortunate that MS IE does not understand RFC 2231 used in
Content-Disposition header of HTTP. As a fallback, Mozilla also accepts
RFC 2047 'raw' UTF-8 and 'raw' non-ASCII string in the same character
encoding as that of the 'containing' document.


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