Unicode NFD and file attachment on Mac OS X


  While reading some articles posted at the Korean Mac user forum
(http://www.appleforum.org), I came across an interesting problem arising
from that Mac OS X uses Unicode NFD (Normalization Form D) for filename.

  What should a browser on Mac OS X do when attaching a file with its
name in NFD? Converting NFD to NFC at the time of submission  would be
conveninent for recipients who are likely to use non-MacOS X. If that's
desired, by whom, a web client on Mac OS X or a server-side application?
How about the security implication? How about the NFD -> NFC conversion
at the time of download or rendering?

  The following is not just a scenario but has been happening to Mac OS
X users.

  An 'Innocent' Mac OS X user attaches a file '가.txt' (U+AC00 in NFC
and <U+1100, U+1161> in NFD) only to hear a complaint from her friend
(a Windows user) that either a filename is 'mangled' or otherwise
not quire right.


Received on Tuesday, 28 October 2003 01:51:37 UTC