Re: [i18n-html-tech] some comments

2003-10-10T15:03:07Z Ian Hickson <> wrote:

> On Fri, 10 Oct 2003, Richard Ishida wrote:
>> However, Bert's comment may yet turn out useful, since I seem to
>> remember that Netscape? couldn't handle hex NCRs until recently - not
>> sure of my facts, but I'll check it out.  We've chosen fairly recent
>> ('standards compliant') versions of browsers as our base - to encourage
>> bon usage, but we have mechanisms for pointing out these kinds of
>> discrepancies.

> Both Netscape 6.x and Netscape 7.x have supported hexadecimal entity
> references since before their pre-alpha builds.

I think Richard was talking about Netscape 4.x which lacks hexadecimal
entity references support. We all know how ugly it was so it's time to
encourage the use of standards compliant browsers.

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