Re: http status code for site blocked

At 01:04 PM 12/4/2002 -0500, John Cowan wrote:
>> However, to keep the focus on the web, having many links broken on the
>> web by blocking, without awareness or a process for rectification,
>> implies then that the "single application" model doesn't work. It will
>> be even more problematic for web services.
>Transborder data flows are a very political and legal subject with an
>extensive literature, to which I would refer you if I knew anything about it.
>(That is the phrase, though, so try googling for "transborder data flows".)
>Suffice it to say that many governments have concerns about both incoming
>and outgoing data, not excepting Western democracies.

The proper and definitive place to begin here is by searching "Lawrence Lessig". In particular  I recommend in the highest possible terms both his books "code" and "the future of ideas", both available in  paperback now. He has a blog somewhere, I will leave finding it an exercise to the reader.

All discussions about this topic, and they are legion, are framed by Lessig's presentations.

Barry Caplan

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