Re: Announcing draft-duerst-iri-02.txt

Hello Mark,

Thanks for your comments.

At 11:22 02/12/02 -0800, Mark Davis wrote:
>However, having examples that illustrate the correct conversions will
>ameliorate the problems with the wording. A few comments:
>1. You have
> >   This example contains the sequence '%fc', which is the same character
> >   as in the previous example, but represented using iso-8859-1.
>This is misleading: %fc may or may not be represent U+00FC LATIN SMALL
>LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS; it all depends on the encoding that it originated
>from. The wording would be better as:
>    This example contains the sequence '%fc', which would represent a U+00FC
>LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS in the iso-8859-1 encoding. (It would
>represent other characters in other encodings. For example, %fc in  in
>iso-8859-5 represents a U+045C CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER KJE.)

Done, with a few tweaks.

>2. a minor wording item. For each example, you say "   This example " when
>it would be clearer to say "The following example".


>3. using uppercase for the hex makes it stand out better. e.g.

Good point, but in another part of the document, we say that
lower case should be used for escapes (to avoid gratuitous

Uploaded the new version.

Regards,    Martin.

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