Re: Character encoding mismatch

Chris, I have some instructions for Apache on a web page:

If you follow the instructions for creating a .htaccess file in the
directory with your web pages, you will get the right http charset
without disturbing your web admin.

(Assuming typical server admin configuration...)

The examples are for Unicode UTF-8, but you can use other charsets if

Barry Caplan wrote:
> At this point it becomes a Apache Server administration question instead of an i18n one. Forums for that topic are at I am sure the voluminous documentation there will give examples of how to set headers and how not to.
> Barry
> At 05:52 AM 11/14/2002 +0900, Chris Phillips wrote:
> >Thanks Barry,
> >
> >Actually that wasn't the problem, I had tested it on a different host.
> >
> >The site is running on Apache2.0 and I think the problem lies here. Like Sue said the server seems to be generating the content type before the meta tags.
> >
> >I will have to contact the server administrator tomorrow but can anyone explain what I need to get them to do? I am not an expert on servers but I am sure it can't be as easy as on an Apache server as it is on a Windows server like Sue said. Maybe I am wrong, but I could do with the advice.
> >
> >Thanks in advance.
> >Chris

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