Re: Asking about locale

I have a web page listing resources for Locales. At the bottom of the
table, there are links for
Solaris, Linux, IBM ICU, Microsoft, etc.

There is also a link to an article by Bill Hall on problems with POSIX

There are also some other locales related discussions pointed to from
the home page.

If anyone is aware of resources that should be added to the resources
page, please email me privately.

"Truong Ngoc Truc Binh (by way of Martin Duerst )" wrote:
> I am looking for the information about Windows locale. I found some
> informations of POSIX and C locales. I don't know if they can use for
> Windows. If they can, may you show me their structures that use
> for  Windows locales?
> Thank you very much!

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