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First PAL PROfile Announced

From: Suzanne M. Topping <stopping@bizwonk.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 09:37:52 -0400
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First PAL PROfile Announced

October 14, 2002--As part of it's mission to raise awareness about the unique contributions of indviduals in the industry, the Professional Association for Localization (PAL) has published the first in it's series of "PROfiles". Read about Virginia Anderson from Canvas Dreams by going to www.pal10n.net and clicking on Awards and Recognition.

"PROfiles" is a monthly series composed of biographical information and responses to specific questions regarding the featured PROfessional's outlook and career.

To nominate someone you think should be highlighted in a future issue of the series, send their name, contact information, and reason they should be featured to info@pal10n.net.

To learn more about PAL, and to become a member, go to the PAL web site at www.pal10n.net.


Suzanne Topping, President
Professional Association of Localization
Received on Tuesday, 15 October 2002 09:37:53 UTC

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