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>However, if someone knows how to set the content-language in http in a
>.htaccess file that would be appreciated.
>The commands I tried, I am either not privileged to use (and the ISP
>won't tell which I am priv'd for and which I am not) or don't work as I

This is what I copied from our server:

# AddLanguage allows you to specify the language of a document. You can
# then use content negotiation to give a browser a file in a language
# it can understand.  Note that the suffix does not have to be the same
# as the language keyword --- those with documents in Polish (whose
# net-standard language code is pl) may wish to use "AddLanguage pl .po"
# to avoid the ambiguity with the common suffix for perl scripts.

AddLanguage en .en
AddLanguage fr .fr
AddLanguage de .de
AddLanguage da .da
AddLanguage el .el
AddLanguage it .it

# LanguagePriority allows you to give precedence to some languages
# in case of a tie during content negotiation.
# Just list the languages in decreasing order of preference.

LanguagePriority en fr de

For language negotiation,
Content negotiation is provided by the mod_negotiation module,
which is compiled in by default.

So not too much fear of ISPs here. Also,
Context: server config, virtual host, directory, .htaccess
So you should be able to set this in your .htaccess file,
similar to 'charset'. Can you try it?

Regards,    Martin.

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