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FW: CountryHawk: New component for detecting visitor country of origin

From: Suzanne M. Topping <stopping@bizwonk.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 09:50:50 -0400
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Does anyone have comments about this product?

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To: Web developers
Subject: CountryHawk: New component for detecting visitor country of

Detecting the country of origin of your site's visitors has never been
easier! Introducing CountryHawk - the fastest and most accurate way to
detect country of origin, with NO reverse DNS required.

Brought to you by cyScape, the makers of BrowserHawk.

See: http://www.cyscape.com/products/country/

Quick index:
 -  What is CountryHawk
 -  How does it work?
 -  I'm already using reverse-DNS? Why use CountryHawk instead?
 -  How are other developers using CountryHawk?
 -  FREE download with sample scripts and source
 -  Special pricing discounts and incentives
 -  BrowserHawk 6.0 beta - sign up today!

What is CountryHawk

CountryHawk is the ultimate solution for accurately detecting your site
visitor's country of origin in real-time. Using this revolutionary
component you can finally customize, enhance, and secure your on-line
offerings with as little as a couple lines of code.

In addition to returning the country of origin, CountryHawk offers many
powerful functions such as a complete statistics engine for tracking
hits by country and region, and several convenience functions such as
automatic code generation for country selection list boxes on web forms
with the user's country selected by default.

CountryHawk is now available for ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, JSP,
servlets, C++, Visual Basic, and any other language which supports
ActiveX or JavaBean components.

How does it work?

CountryHawk provides information on over 240 countries and 4 billion IP
addresses, with no reverse-DNS required! Our memory resident database
provides for instant lookups (with no requirements on outside servers)
and the enterprise-class scalability you've come to expect from cyScape.

Just create an instance of the component from your script or program
code and you'll have access to all the visitor's country information.
CountryHawk lookups are also lightning fast, capable of performing over
200,000 lookups per second.

I'm already using reverse-DNS? Why use CountryHawk instead?

There are three major issues with using reverse-DNS to detect country of
origin: 1) speed, 2) accuracy, and 3) resolving ".coms".

Reverse-DNS lookups are painfully slow, requiring up to several seconds
of processing for each lookup.  And the accuracy suffers, as typically a
third or more of your visitors will not have IP addresses that resolve
to host names. Finally, a large percentage of host names will resolve to
".com" resulting in the inability to detect the country.

CountryHawk is designed from the ground up to eliminate all the
shortcomings of reverse-DNS lookups for country detection.  Based on our
testing and the feedback from customers, CountryHawk has shown to be 98%
accurate, +/- 1%, with country information provided on over 99.5% of IP
addresses in use.

In addition, country detection is instant, and does not require any
communication with outside servers or any other network resource.  This
makes it ideal for use in enterprise-level applications where
scalability and accuracy matters.

How are other developers using CountryHawk?

 - limiting access to visitors from countries where they do not conduct

 - reducing credit card fraud by ensuring the visitor's country matches
   the visitor's input, and that the visitor is not in a country where
   they've experienced a history of fraud

 - complying with export restrictions and other laws and regulations

 - web log analysis and reports on country information which is far more
   accurate and detailed than web reporting tools provide

 - automatically directing visitor traffic to servers closest to the
   visitor's region

 - preventing sharing of passwords and abuse of service (i.e. users
   should not be logging in from multiple countries during the same day)

 - displaying site content in the visitor's native language and currency

 - calculating applicable taxes and/or shipping rates

 - Digital Rights Management

 - geo-targeting for increased sales and click-thrus

 - and much more! Try the demos at www.cyscape.com/products/country

FREE download with sample scripts and source

Download your FREE fully functional evaluation now:

The download includes several working samples that demonstrate how easy
CountryHawk is to use.  The samples are also available online at:

Special pricing and incentives - BrowserHawk bundle

Special introductory pricing on CountryHawk is available now for a
limited time only.  In addition, you will save another 20% by purchasing
BrowserHawk and CountryHawk together as a bundle!  And as a bonus, you
will also receive a free upgrade to BrowserHawk 6.0 when available.

For information on pricing and ordering, see:

Sign up today for the BrowserHawk 6.0 beta!

cyScape is pleased to also announce that the next generation version of
BrowserHawk will be available soon.  Sign up today for the BH 6.0 public
beta program by emailing support@cyscape.com with the subject "BH 6.0
BETA". Be sure to specify ActiveX or Java.

As an added special incentive we are also offering FREE upgrades to
BrowserHawk 6.0 for all customers who purchase the current version of
BrowserHawk in June (either with or without CountryHawk).

BrowserHawk is the de-facto industry standard for managing browser
compatibility. For more information and a FREE evaluation visit:

For more information visit us at http://www.cyscape.com.

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