RE: Double Byte character sets

The Java servlet engine is hardcoded to 8859_1.  If you try to use another 
character set you need to use special code.
You will find that setting a the character set in a page directive will help.
You will also find that using code such as the following for reading 
parameters will also help:

String strSomeValue = new 
String(request.getParameter("SomeName").getBytes("8859_1"), "UTF8");


Paul Deuter
Internationalization Manager
Plumtree Software

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>Subject: Double Byte character sets
>I am having a problem passing Japanese text from the client IE browser to 
>a JRUN servlet thru an HTML form.  When I get the value out of the Request 
>object on the server, the text is corrupted.  My pages are set to UTF-8 
>encoding.  I am posting the form.  What could be wrong?  What am I missing?
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance

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