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Re: locales

From: Thierry Sourbier <webmaster@i18ngurus.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 11:29:28 +0100
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To Tex & David,

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  OK, I will open a locale forum in yahoo.groups, but I need at least 2 others willing to be managers to ensure quality out of experience, and we also do not have time always to be active in the discussions. Looking at the discussion so far I see at least 4 potential victims .... ;o) Please let me know if there is enough interest to participate, either in the list or by direct email. I will archive the threads so far in the message area there. It would be nice if we could actually achieve something. 


       "Tex Texin" <texin@progress.com> 
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  If you would set up an archived forum, that would be great. It will save
  me trying to identify which messages are relevant and saving them all on
  my drive.

  Mentioning time zones will, I am sure, insure a blast from Carl. (;-) I
  look forward to it.)
  One point is that a locale may include more than one zone (e.g. US goes
  from EST, CST PST) so is ambiguous, and we may go down the trail of the
  changes to daylight savings time may vary within a locale.

  A key question for me is which of the many variables for
  internationalization belong in a locale and which belong in some other

  Maybe time and calendar should not be a function of locale...
  Maybe currency should not be.

  Which variables are best associated with the locale, which with the
  data, and which with the application?
  For example, since I develop database products, and I cannot have
  indexes changing on me, I always include the rules for sorting in the
  database, with the data.

  I don't generally worry about hyphenation, I would probably keep rules
  for that with the application (the choice being influenced but not
  defined by locale).


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