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RE: Windows 1252 Mapping Tables (was: Servlet question

From: Cathy Wissink <cwissink@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 11:18:42 +0900
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To: www-international@w3.org
Hi Merle,

you should send mail with specifics to gdhelp@microsoft.com about this 
concern.  The people who are responsible for both the mapping tables on the 
Unicode website and the data in Windows 2000/XP can be contacted via this 


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Subject: Windows 1252 Mapping Tables (was: Servlet question


I am cross-posting this on both www-international@w3.org and
unicore@unicode.org, though the question is actually aimed more at the

Per the thread that follows, the Unicode mapping tables for Windows 1252
don't square totally with the codepoint coverage in Windows 1252, as seen in
Windows 2000.  Can someone who is close to this issue answer whether this
is, in fact, the case?  If it is, are there any plans to square the Unicode
mapping tables with the current Windows 1252 code page?


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 > Subject: RE: Servlet question
 > > > I thought that was the case, and windows-1252 was the
 > > > one that used C1 for platform-specific character (see
 > > >
 > > > 1&content-type=text/x-cvsweb-markup where apparently
 > U+0081 is mapped to
 > > > 0x81 in windows-1252).
 > >
 > > Is it data for ICU4C? Interesting that it doesn't agree
 > with the table
 > > by unicode.org (see
 > >
 > http://www.unicode.org/Public/MAPPINGS/VENDORS/MICSFT/WINDOWS/CP1252.TXT).

It is what a tool run on Windows 2000 really saw in windows-1252 as opposed
to a published table.

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