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Re: UTF-16 and MIME text/*

From: Bjoern Hoehrmann <derhoermi@gmx.net>
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 01:41:30 +0200
To: John Cowan <cowan@mercury.ccil.org>
Cc: www-international@w3.org, phoffman@imc.org
Message-ID: <gcfbntsron6h7l21ein85b2ko6dpcuqq2s@4ax.com>
* John Cowan wrote:
>Bjoern Hoehrmann scripsit:
>>    RFC 2871 registers all UTF-16 charsets (UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE and
>> UTF-16) as not suitable for use in MIME content types under the
>> "text" top-level type. Why?
>Because a MIME processor, when encountering something of type text/*,
>is allowed to assume that any 0x0A byte means "LF" and any 0x0D byte means "CR",
>and to transmute them to some other kind of line ending.  UTF-16
>of whatever flavor violates this rule.

Could you please give me some reference where MIME allows applications
to _transmutate_ them? Someone poited out to me, that RFC 2871 is in
error here and I tried hard to find something in MIME that clearly
states, that RFC 2871 is correct in this regard.

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