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Re: (SC22WG14.4856) RE: Transliteration [and transcription]

From: John Clews <Converse@sesame.demon.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 09:42:58 GMT
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Douglas A. Gwyn <gwyn@ARL.MIL> wrote:

> I must have missed something; why is this "transliteration" discussion
> being conducted on sc22wg14@dkuug.dk?  Is there some C standards issue
> involved?

There might be, although nobody seems to have discussed this point.

I'm initially to blame: I sent an announcement regarding
transliteration standards and internationalization
to lists that Keld Simonsen and Alain La Bonte had identified
as lists with an interest in internationalization.
These lists included sc22wg14@dkuug.dk.

Somebody "group replied" this with a discussion on certain issues
relating to transliateration and transcription, and it carried on
thus. I had not antipated any such discussion on this, although some
useful contacts had been made as a result: after all the announcement
said that there was a tc46sc2@elot.gr email discussion list
specifically on transliteration.

I am now ensuring that any future discussions on this do not include

                                   Yours sincerely

                                     John Clews
Chair of ISO/TC46/SC2: Conversion of Written Languages;
Member of CEN/TC304: Character Set Technology;
Member of ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC2: Character Sets.

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