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Re: (SC22WG14.4849) (i18n.390) RE: Transliteration standards: possible impact on internationaliz ation

From: Thomas Plum <tplum@plumhall.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 16:41:36 -1000
Message-Id: <199711210241.QAA22888@sys1.plumhall.com>
To: Harald.T.Alvestrand@uninett.no
Cc: mgm@sybase.com (Michael G. McKenna), rosenne@NetVision.net.il, manuel.carrasco@emea.eudra.org, Converse@sesame.demon.co.uk, i18n@dkuug.dk, xojig@xopen.co.uk, sc22wg14@dkuug.dk, www-international@w3.org, wgi18n@terena.nl, keld@dkuug.dk


Remove sc22wg14@dkuug.dk  from the CC list of your messages.  I'm
confident that those of us on WG14 who DO want to read internationalization
discussions are already on one or more of the other groups listed.
Or maybe better, change wg14 (C language) to  wg20 (Internationalization).



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