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Re: Euro

From: Michael Everson <everson@indigo.ie>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 14:18:33 +0100
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To: unicode@unicode.org
Cc: <www-international@w3.org>, <Patrice.HUSSON@bxl.dg13.cec.be>
Ar 11:07 +0100 1997-10-20, scríobh Carrasco Benitez Manuel:
>Find enclosed the updated (html without the euro glyph) document
>  "IT aspects of the euro currency sign"
>It is also online (with the euro glyph) at
> http://www.crpht.lu/~carrasco/winter/euro.html

Again, Tomás, the character you want to add is not called EURO-CURRENCY
SIGN, but EURO SIGN. You should correct your document to reflect this. The
EURO-CURRENCY SIGN refers not to the Euro, but to the ECU, a different

Your proposal to modify ASCII is not acceptable to anyone. ASCII is ASCII.
You can't change or delete characters from it. You can, as has been stated,
derive a new coded character set from ISO 646, and you can replace the
VERTICAL BAR in it if you wish. When you register that coded character set
in ISO 2375, then it will be usable in an ISO 2022 environments.

Your proposal to replace the VERTICAL BAR in Latin 1 will have no support
from anyone anywhere, I think. However, a new part of 8859 has been
proposed in SC2/WG3 which will contain the EURO SIGN in either the position
of the PLUS-MINUS sign or the CURRENCY SIGN (it seems to be controversial
and hopefully will be resolved by the current ballot on the CD.

I forgot to mention that the TC304 Euro Workshop did agree that an HTML
entity would be useful, but thought that it might be nice if it were &EUR;
instead of &euro; as this is shorter and mnemonic to the 3-letter currency

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