Re: Accept-Language Support


with Netscape Communicator 4.0 and Netscape Enterprise Server 3.0
you can do exactly what you are asking for. No need for server scripts
to distinguish between different language versions of the documents.

For more details we can discuss this off-line.

Jurgen Bettels
Global Ink/Netscape wrote:

> We have several questions concerning Accept-Language as described in
> rfc2068:
> Are there any browsers which already send an Accept-Language header
> based on the user's language?
> Assuming that the browser does this, what should the server do
> with this?
> Does there have to be a script on the server to find the HTML files
> in the right language?
> Once the HTML file in the right language is found, can the URLs
> within that HTML file just point to other HTML files and have
> the correct language selected? That is, can we have URLs without
> language codes in them and have HTML files retrieved in the language
> required by the user?
> Has anyone implemented a dynamic multilingual web site which does not
> require the user to explicitly indicate the language as part of the
> URL?
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