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Japanese web experts needed in USA, 2 cool jobs

From: Mark DeWitt <Mark@TransPacificGroup.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 1997 18:29:44 -0800
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Please contact me if you fit or have friends that might.
Thanks for any help you might offer.
Mark DeWitt

The TransPacific Group has been retained to search out and introduce 2 new
positions to exceptional professionals who have the knowledge of the web
and a vision of the future of the internet to help build the coolest
Japanese web site possible.  The web services on this site must look and
feel natural to Japanese nationals.

The WebTV Network service, launched in September 1996 in the United States,
(monthly connection is $19.95 for 33.8k) is the first on-line service that
brings high-quality and high-performance Internet access to televisions.
WebTV set-top boxes, available at consumer electronics stores (CompUSA,
Fry's, Sharper Image, Good Guys, etc.) in the U.S. for about $300 (set-top
boxes are made/sold by OEM partners like Sony and Phillips), are designed
to make the Internet simple to use, with a set-up time of 15 minutes that
allows One-Thumb Browsing of the Internet using a television remote
control.   An optional keyboard is available.  Email, bookmarks, searching
the web and other features are also built in.

WebTV Networks will own 65 percent of a WebTV/Fujitsu joint venture company
and Fujitsu Limited will own 35 percent.  WebTV Networks and Fujitsu will
form alliances with companies in various fields, including consumer
electronics, Internet access, media and content, to establish the new

Fujitsu will build a network operation center to host network services such
as Internet access, e-mail, billing and customer support for the WebTV
Japanese network.  Fujitsu will be one of the providers of access points in
Japan for the network with its InfoWeb infrastructure, as well as a
provider of content, including InterTV television listing service, the
Wildbird map-based information service and Teleparc, an on-line magazine.
The joint venture will be Fujitsu's exclusive branded service offering for
Internet applications on television.

We are looking for 2 new full time employees:
(they will work very closely with each other to make trade-offs in design,
performance, and functionality of the web-pages they create)
* Both must be willing to work in a fast-paced, sometimes chaotic start-up
* Both jobs are to be in Silicon Valley with an option of moving to Tokyo
after 3-6 months.

Job Opportunity #1 - Japanese Web site Design Artist
Tasks :
*  The first task will be to localize the US system's basic feature sets
and panels for use by Japanese consumers.  This will include the Sign-Up;
the customers' very first experience with the service and a key to making a
good first impression on customers that may have no experience with
computers or web.  This must be a painless and easy-to-do step for the new
*  Then the real work begins; creating the coolest web-site on the web for
Japanese consumers.  Customer demand and your vision will be the only
limits to the type of uses that will be made available to customers in
Japan .
*  The team will be mainly responsible for 3 things: 1 good design/art
work, 2 well-written text (so writing skills are desirable) and 3 good
Responsibilities :
*  This person will use tools like Photoshop to prototype new web pages.
You will be responsible for page layout and design, icon design and artwork
that is both aesthetically pleasing and fast to download.  This person must
have a keen eye for good design and for what is appealing to native
Japanese customers.
Experience :
*  2 to 3 years in graphic arts; the more web experience the better
*  coordination and communication skills are mandatory
*  prefer a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design or related degree
*  Native level Japanese language skills are a must
*  Good English skills are required so that you can work effectively with
team members in the USA
*  Skills with computer applications like; Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and
Fractal Designer

Job Opportunity #2 - Japanese web-site Implementation Engineer
Responsibilities :
*  This person will take the prototype  design/layout from the Designer and
work with that person to refine the User Interaction and User interface
form/function.  You will be responsible for then building the pages using
HTML and C code.

*  2 + years in web site development or related ; the more the better
*  coordination and communication skills are mandatory
*  prefer a Bachelor of User Interface Design, Computer Science or related
*  Native level Japanese language skills are a must
*  Good English skills are required so that you can work effectively with
team members in the USA
*  willingness to implement using heavy HTML and C coding over 50% of time
*  Skills in programming in " C" at least at a web-site implementation
level and strong HTML

This is a super opportunity to join a start-up with pre-public stock
options.  Who knows it could turn out to be the next Netscape. Base salary
will be very competitive and will be based on the candidate's history and
experience.  A full benefits package is provided.

Next Step:
In this industry everything should have happened yesterday so let's work
quickly to determine if our client represents the right next step for you.
All inquiries are to be through The TransPacific Group and are strictly
confidential.  Mark DeWitt is handling the contact with our client and will
work closely with you once we've received you resume.  Thank you for your
interest.  You may reach Mark at The TransPacific Group.  Phone (415)
327-8801 and Fax (415) 327-8802 or via Internet Mark@TransPacificGroup.com.
we much prefer you Email your resume in text or MS Word format.

Mark DeWitt
The TransPacific Group          (415)327-8801 phone
935 Middlefield Road            (415)327-8802 fax
Palo Alto, CA 94301-3339        Mark@TransPacificGroup.com
visit our web site: http://www.TransPacificGroup.com/
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