Re: Language labelling

Re-reading my reply to Tim Chen, I noticed two errors:

>>Does <HTML LANG=XX> appy to the entire page or just the section follows and before >></LANG> (if such thing exist) ? 
>David Baron has responded (somewhat telegraphically :-).  Please refer to RFC 
>2070.  There is no such thing as </LANG>.  <... LANG=xx> is inherited from outer 
>level components and is overriden by a <... LANG=xx> on nested components. 
>Additionally, <SPAN LANG=xx> may be used to associate a language with, say, a 
>few words.  This is terminated by </SPPAN>.

This should, of course, say </SPAN>.

>>I am publishing pages with largely Polish (windows-1251) and some blockquotes in 
>>Chinese (BIG-5). Until Unicode rules the world, how do I go about this?
>Unicode encodes characters, not languages.  Even when, as you put it, Unicode 
>rules the world, we shall need language tags.

Tim, I misunderstood your question.  Here are two ways of including Polish 
and Chinese in one document (a) use Unicode, (b) use GIFs, either for the 
Chinese characters or for the Polish ones.  I can't think of any other mechanism.



Received on Sunday, 23 February 1997 09:05:42 UTC