www-international@w3.org to replace WInter

During the last Web conference in Paris it was decided that the WInter
mailing list should move to W3C, so as to give it more visibility,
provide an archive for it, and, in due time, have an index for it as

Since 1st June, the new mailing list


is in operation. To subscribe, send the single word


in the body of a message to


And to unsubscribe from Winter, send the line

	unsubscribe winter

in the body of a message to


Although it has been suggested earlier that subscriptions would be
moved automatically to the new list, nobody has been subscribed to it
yet, since I'm not sure if it is a good idea. People may have trouble
unsubscribing later.

The list is archived at


There will be more information about the new list later, and I will
announce it in several other places as well. In the mean time, I want
to thank Tomas Carrasco Benitez for setting up and maintaining the
Winter list.

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