[Comment on jlreq WD] Case of Japanese terms

Do not use uppercase for Japanese typography jargon, choose either of  
initial capital and (perhaps italic) lowercase. Especially do not  
hardcode the case, but use markup and CSS.

Rumour has it that there is (or was before DTP) a special metric unit  
in Japanese typography, the kyu or q of 0.25 mm exactly. Is this  
true? If so, is it still in use (and is the conventional 9pt an  
approximation of 13q)? If so, it should be mentioned, but should it  
be added to CSS?

It would be nice if the terminology was compatible with <http:// 
www.w3.org/mid/47C52044.8090309@inkedblade.net> (or whatever resulted  
from it) and vice versa.

Received on Tuesday, 15 April 2008 10:27:16 UTC