Re: Your comments on Character Model Fundamentals [LC076]

* Addison Phillips [wM] wrote:
>We feel that there is a link between C068 and the use (or abuse)
>of private use area code points. The linkage, succinctly, is that
>if you follow the other requirements in CharMod, the only code
>points that are available for the form of abuse described
>(prohibited) by C068 are PUA code points.

That's surprising as that is already covered by C073, C037, C038, and
C039 since if these requirements are met, you can hardly ever run into
a situation where this would apply to PUA code points. If this is about
PUA code points, I am also not sure how graphics and images would help,

I would not write Klingon using <img .../><img .../><img .../>... So it
would seem this is meant to be about implementations that cannot offer
loading arbitrary symbols as graphics from online resources due to
resource constraints and want to offer them through other means such as
<cloud-with-rain-drops/> or something. In this case the section needs
to be substantively clarified as that is not really obvious. I consider
C068 to be about "abuse" of assigned code points such as ASCII-art.

But I also do not think that using the PUA for <cloud-with-rain-drops/>
is obvious either, I think C076, C068 and C041 merit their own section.
It would probably also work to have them in "3.3 Units of visual
rendering" or to re-work "4.5 Private use code points" to include these
issues under a more general heading with a more general intro text.

>With regard to your other comments about C076, you are correct and
>we are modifying the document to use the correct term (coded
>character set) instead of character encoding.

Okay, thanks.

Received on Thursday, 28 October 2004 19:19:41 UTC