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Health plan for healthy

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Date: 27 Jun 01 11:03:35 AM
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Finally…A Health Plan For Healthy Non Smokers Saving Our Average Policyholder $984 Per Year!!

*Self Employed 	 *Between Jobs  *On Cobra  *Small Business 

Are you paying too much for health insurance? Want better coverage for you and your family? Wondering if you have the best coverage?   

If you are a healthy non-smoker we can help.  

We offer an individual health plan designed for people with healthy lifestyles. 

Backed by a 108-year-old insurance company with over 1 million policyholders nationwide.  Check out some of the benefits.

6 Million Lifetime Per Person
Choose Any Doctor or Hospital
Worldwide Coverage 
No HMO Restrictions
Premium Savings Up To 35%
No Referral Needed To See A Specialist

Free services we provide:

Free Policy Audit On Current Healthplan 
Free Health Insurance Buyers Guide 
Free Report “10 things your HMO Won’t Tell you” by Smart Money Magazine 

Average monthly premiums For:
Family* $200	Couple* $124	Individual* $62

  We use this information ONLY to provide you with a health insurance quote. We respect your privacy and never sell or distribute your private information.

We will give you complete details including costs, other benefits and renewability.  Every quote includes a comparison of the top 3 insurance plans in Oregon for you to compare. 

 "To see if you are eligible, please respond back with your name, ages, phone number and zip code: info474@excite.com 

Thank you we will be in contact with you.

To be removed from this email list, please type "REMOVE" in the subject line. Thank you:  rehealth@excite.com     
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