Re: <HP> and HTML history

> 1) Was HP ever used by itself or were only HP0 (roman), HP1 (italic), HP2 (bold), and HP3 (bold italic) ever used?
> 2) Was it a container like B or an empty tag similar to BASEFONT?
> 3) Was it ever implemented by Mosaic? (I think I can safely exclude IE and Navigator, as ever having implemented them.)
> 4) What was the origin of this element?

Regarding 4), (not sure about that
site but it much looks like authentic documentation from the early
days of HTML) seems to provide some information.

I’m curious about 1)–3), too, hence bumping up this 2003 message that
seems to never have received a response :)

Jens Oliver Meiert

Received on Tuesday, 21 May 2019 17:43:06 UTC