Re: Link Relationship for Moving Down a Hierarchy

On 15.01.2011 16:03, Sean B. Palmer wrote:
> HTML5 has "up" as a link relationship, but nothing for the opposite
> direction. I'd been using rev="up" for this, but since @rev has been
> removed from HTML5 I'd like to specify an inverse relationship to use.
> Would the obvious name, "down", be most sensible, or something like
> "sub", or some other proposal? Has this been discussed before?

I don't think it has been discussed. Probably because it's not entirely 
clear what it would be good for -- in many cases, there'd by many many 
"down" links.

> Should a "down" link relationship conform to the same repetition
> semantics as "up"?

I'd wait for the resolution of 

> My use case is for archived pages whose contents I can't modify
> without of course making them non archived content. I want to link to
> ancient pages and mark them up as being sub-pages of the page that
> discusses them.

Hm. Maybe this deserves a more specific relation?

Additional pointers:

Web Linking spec: <>

IANA registry: 

IANA registry related info: <>

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