"mail a new topic" - Futures for User Interface Specifications

This is a suggestion for a quite different type of topic  that may or may 
not be appropriate for these mailing lists. 
   I have been giving some thought to future development of  standards for 
user interfaces.  Below is a quick summary of the  proposed direction and 
objectives.  Several rough concept papers are  also available.
  My question is does anyone know of someone or some organization,  which 
would be interested in a development of such a proposal.  I am a  retired 
software systems architect and interested in some form of  collaboration.  

Bill  Clare
Imagine one primarily declarative specification language,  with minimal 
scripting required, that: 
·          Simplifies Language 
¨      XML based but with a  greatly modified syntax for ease of use. 
¨       Modular - with small flexible units of  specification, that can be 
easily and systematically combined. 
·         Integrates Rendering  and Manipulation 
¨      Integrates and  simplifies HTML, CSS, etc. capabilities to provide 
the user interface for any  desktop application. 
¨      Integrates these  uniformly with document (open office, goggle docs, 
etc.)  capabilities. 
¨      Is systematically  adaptable to devices, environments, preferences, 
user roles and access  control.   
·         Integrates Data  Operations 
¨      Supports generic  specification for storage, transfer, presentation 
and interaction with generic  data – items, aggregate, sequence, hierarchy, 
graph, network, etc.  
¨      Provides generic data  operations to minimize dependence on data 
location, structure, format,  representation, etc.. 
·         Integrates  Applications 
¨      Uniformly supports  dynamic interactions with users, collaborators, 
data sources, services,  applications and systems. 
¨      Provides consistent and  comprehensive error handling.

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