Re: Fwd: HTML5 and XHTML2 combined (a new approach)

On Sun, 25 Jan 2009, Giovanni Campagna wrote:
> I'm not asking to get SGML back. I'm asking to separate syntax from 
> vocabulary, and possibly apply this new syntax to any W3C or externally 
> defined language based on XML, providing an appropriate way to switch 
> between languages (the old DTD)

HTML5 already separates the syntax of text/html from the HTML5 vocabulary 
as much as is possible given our constraints, for practical reasons 
regarding the way HTML is processed (there are tools that parse it without 
being concerned about its vocabulary, so separating the two in the spec 
makes sense from a pragmatic point of view).

However, I don't think it makes sense to apply the HTML syntax to other 
languages, any more than one should reuse the CSS, JavaScript, or ISO8601 
syntax for other languages. Do you think we should separate those out for 
reuse as well?

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