Re: HTML5 and XHTML2 combined (a new approach)

Ian Hickson wrote:

> If by this you mean that the XHTML2 specification doesn't define 
> processing rules for its language, then I agree. But that's a bug, not a 
> feature. We need detailed conformance requirements so that we can have 
> uniformity of implementations.

That is only a bug if the intent of the language is to be imperative; 
the original intent of HTML, and that of XHTML2, is much more 
declarative.  In that sort of respect, natural language is also buggy.

(A lot of your market talks about controlling the user experience, but 
the processing rules in the human, which depend on environment, history 
and sensory defects and differences, are not well defined, which means 
that you can only control the output of the technology, not the desired 
user experience.)

David Woolley
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