Re: HTML 5 and XHTML 2 combined

On 10/1/09 09:40, Molte wrote:
>     <submit submission="submit"
>     href=""><label>Go!</label><
>     /submit>
> You are also able to do make elements with double functionality in
> today's HTML 4/XHTML 1 mark-up:
> <input type="submit"
> onclick="window.location='';"
> value="Go!" />

You can, yes, if you script them that way. However, in that case:

1. Processing is defined: the 'click' handler is executed first; then, 
if the default action is not cancelled, the associated form (if any) is 
submitted. The order is not defined for a element with two _default_ 

2. UAs don't have to provide a distinct mechanism for activating the 
'click' handler as opposed to submitting the form.

> But as Philips says that doesn't have to mean, it's well-formed.

I don't think we'd want to make 'click' handlers non-conforming; it's 
clear enough what UAs should do with them.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

Received on Saturday, 10 January 2009 09:54:03 UTC