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Dear Sudhi:

W3C is a web standards body, and this list is just for discussing those
standards, and possible changes to those standards in the future.  So
unfortunately we can't help you here.

You may want to  check out a site such as   A particular
topic that may be helpful for what you are trying to do is XSLT---this
enables, among other things, transformation of XML content into HTML that
your browser can display.

Or you might try asking on a website such as   I hope
this is helpful.


P.S. - Thanks to David Calhoun for his example of how to respond to inquires
such as this one when they arrive at www-html---my response is adapted from
his.   Following his practice, I've CCed to the mailing list for an
exampleof how these emails should be
handled, and to let others know that Sudhi has already received a response.

On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 8:29 PM, Sudhindra Kulkarni <
> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have the following sample file and I want to be able to display xml
> content as xml only...
> <body>
>   <div>
>   <animal>
>   <name>cat</name>
>   <legs>4</legs>
>   </animal>
>   </div>
>   </body>
> The current output on browsers is cat 4 ... I want the entire xml
> <animal><name>... displayed..
> I guess all the tags are dropped since < is not escaped and <animal> is not
> a valid tag...
> I need to do this since I cannot escape all < with &lt since the xml is
> fetched from a dvice..
> Thanks,
> Sudhi

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