Re: Different links, with the same cached page.

F. wrote:
> I am trying to use different hosts to return a resource.
> I select on the fly the URI of the resource between different available
> host at this moment (or random host).
> But I see a problem, do not see a very good choice, if I am using HTTP
> cache, because page is different when URI of resource change, page never
> should be fresh.

I don't really understand the question, but it seems to me that it is:

- a how to question, and therefore not appropriate to a list about
   the design of the standards;

- a question about HTTP or URIs, and therefore not a W3C, but rather an
   IETF issue.

As I don't understand the question, the following may or may not be 
relevant. The hostname is part of the a URL, so changing the host will 
change the resource.  In principle, if you want the same resource 
independent of host, you need to use URNs, but I am not aware of any 
browser that implements URNs and their implementation would require an 
indexing infrastructure that would need to be paid for.

David Woolley
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