Re: [XML Events 2] clarification request: WML reference

Greetings Gregory, we agreed to remove this section during the Venice face 
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[XML Events 2] clarification request: WML reference


in the 16 February 2007 draft of XML Events 2, Section 3.5., 
"Event Handlers" makes an ambiguous reference to WML, without 
providing a link to the resource's information in Appendix D:


This specification does not require an XML application that uses XML 
Events to use any particular method for specifying handlers. However, 
the examples, particularly those in the section on attaching the 
attributes directly to the handler, are intended to give examples of 
how they could be specified.

It is however recognized that two methods are likely to occur often: 
scripting (such as XHTML's <script> element) and declarative markup 
using XML elements (such as WML's <onevent> element). A companion 
specification will provide markup to support these methods.


to which WML is the draft referring?

1. WML - Website Meta Language ( - highly unlikely)

2. WML - Wireless Markup Language (most likely suspect):

2.1.    <?xml version="1.0"?>
        <!DOCTYPE wml PUBLIC "-//PHONE.COM//DTD WML 1.1//EN"
        "" >

2.2. if WML = Wireless Markup Language, shouldn't the reference be to 
     WMLScript, which is the dialect of JavaScript used for WML pages 
     and which is part of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP):

in any event, there is no reference pertaining to WML listed in either 
D.1. or D.2.


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