Re: name="" deprecated in XHTML

Hi Sebastian

Sebastian Mendel schrieb:

> i used to use name="" to group equal elements, or in other words, same 
> element placed more than once on a page
> e.g. a footnote <sup name="footnote_1">1</sup>

AFAIR, the sup element never had a name attribute...

> (and than i used the name to attach a mouse hover event to it which 
> displayed the content from the bottom in a bubble hint)
> but this is now deprecated

... So it cannot be deprecated now. However, the use of name for a, 
applet, form, frame, iframe, img, and map is deprecated in XHTML 1.0 
(see <>).

Johannes Koch
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Received on Wednesday, 25 June 2008 14:20:33 UTC