Re: XHTML Basic 1.1 and setting input field to numeric mode

On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 04:28:15PM +0200, Luca Passani wrote:

> migrating existing web apps. So, what's the point in having this petty  
> feature creep in late versions of a completely different standard? 

  It's not "feature creep". The XHTML working group is tasked with
  maintaining the 1.* series of markup languages as well as developing
  XHTML 2 - and there is consensus for, at some point, removing 
  the STYLE attribute because it /is/ mixing presentation and

  And that's why it is being deprecated, as Shane pointed out, to 'warn'
  developers of what is to come.

> If you ask me, someone here isn't understanding developers.

  We /are/ developers - but we have a different set of responsibilities,
  and among them is to, in a controlled and regulated manner, remove cruft
  from the language(s).

  Personally I think I do know myself :), but using STYLE has never been
  a good way of maintaining quality code with good separation between layout
  and content. The problem with merging differently-styled content is
  largely due to this, but it is also a different topic.

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