Re: XHTML Basic 1.1 and setting input field to numeric mode

Shane McCarron wrote:
> Luca Passani wrote:
>> which should mean that this is the right list to ask this question: 
>> "why has the style attribute been marked as 'deprecated' in the XHTML 
>> basic 1.1 (not 1.0) proposed recommendation".
> XHTML Basic 1.1 is a modular markup language defined in terms of XHTML 
> Modularization 1.0.  It is also tightly coupled to the definition of 
> XHTML 1.1.  The XHTML 2 Working Group has planned since sometime in 
> 2000 to remove the style attribute from future XHTML family markup 
> languages because embedded stylings are counter to the accessibility 
> principles that we and the W3C try to adhere to.  There are many many 
> arguments for and against the use of embedded style attributes and 
> other presentation-related content in XHTML Family Languages.  
> However, the decision to "deprecate" the style attribute was inherited 
> from XHTML 1.1 and is not a decision XHTML Basic took independently.
> As to where you should direct these comments, I am sure what Mike was 
> suggesting is that you can file a formal comment if you like.  Having 
> a discussion about it here is fine as well.  However, I cannot imagine 
> that this particular point is one you will find much support for in 
> the XHTML 2 Working Group - especially at this late date.
last time I checked XHTML 2.0 (admittedly some time ago) I realised that 
it was something totally detached from what HTML and XHTML are today. If 
this is no longer the case, please educate me.
If XHTML 2.0 is still the revolution it seemed to be a few years back, 
what's the point in smuggling some of the aspects of XHTML 2.0 into 1.1? 
making people's lives more difficult?



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