Re: HTML IMG tag.

Joćo Miguel Lopes Moreira wrote:
 > Lisbon, 17 of July of 2008.
 > David Woolley wrote:
 > "RFC 2397.  However note that anything to do with URLs is off topic and "how to" questions are off topic." (sic).
 > Well I think this is not an "how to" question.

It[1] can only be parsed as other than a "how to"
question if the questioner would be satisfied with
a modal answer ("yes" or "no").  I think that this
is not the case, and therefore David is correct in
his interpretation of it as a "how to" question.
That does not in any sense mean that I regard it
as an unacceptable question, and David's point is
simply that there are more appropriate places to ask
such questions than "WWW-Html".  It would, perhaps,
have been more helpful if David could have suggested
a such an appropriate place.

[1] "Is there a way to include in the HTML ASCII file,
      the binary source of an image file, like a .gif file?"

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