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Re: Web-Forms 2.0: upload. Button apperance

From: Anatoly Kataev <w3c@dv-life.ru>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 18:51:25 +1100
Message-ID: <4646C37D.5040708@dv-life.ru>
To: David Woolley <forums@david-woolley.me.uk>, www-html@w3.org

David Woolley пишет:
> The reasons for standard HTML (4.01 and down) is that it is not the
> responsibility of HTML to define details of appearance.  Where this is 
> possible, it is the responsibility of styling languages, so www-style 
> would be a more appropriate list.
Styling languages? You mean CSS? I agree to style <input class=file> 
input with CSS, but give me point to link style and control. I cannot 
even use "class=someclass" property to style button :^(
> For form controls, in particular, a reasons for user agents not 
> allowing styling are:
> - controls tend to be complex to implement and the GUI platform
>   already implements them, presumably correctly;
I don't think that a "TextEdit with predefined button, which executes 
OpenDialod on onButtonClick event" is implenented in _any_ platform,
but TextEdit, Button and OpenDialog separately, i suppose, is 
impemented. Also code, which applies CSS rules to single TextEdit or 
Button already written in most UA's, so
it can be used for styling <input class=file> in case if it will be 
written as two linked tags - <input class=file> and <input class=browse>.
By the way, cases where no need to visualise button (user types file 
name by hands) or TextEdit (user don't need to see selected file's name) 
is possible too/

> - variations from standard control behaviour for the platform mean
>   that users have to re-learn how controls work, which makes the
>   browsers, or, if as many designers seem to want, sites more
>   difficult to learn.  For many   first time users of Windows,
>   particularly the elderly, even learning the standard controls i
>   s difficult.
1. <input class=file> it's no so complex and hard to use.
2. I can wish to set localized caption on button.  "users of Windows, 
particularly the elderly" in my country used to read russian words, and 
standard "Browse..." caption is useless for them.
3. I don't want to replace upload control with someting "alien-looking", 
i just offer to replace standart(?) upload control to 2 linked standart 
Edit and Button controls. If you don't provide
<input class=browse> for some <input class=file>, then <input 
class=file> will acts like standart upload control and will visualise 
Button with UA-dependent caption near right side of Edit.
But you will have choice.
> In the end, HTML is an information communication tool, not a graphical 
> tool.  
So? Should we toss out styling of other input controls?
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