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RE: Control Text-file Embedding in HTML-docs

From: Due Per-VCW437 <Per.Due@motorola.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 11:51:35 +0200
To: tina@greytower.net
Cc: www-html@w3.org
Message-ID: <EAAB8BFF1D052A44830B467F3E9FB6B7026FDBEA@zuk35exm64.ds.mot.com>

1. Simplicity

A picture file (file.jpg) can be embedded directly in HTML-docs. If the
picture file changes the changes take effect
everywhere it is used.

Why not make it equally simple to embed a text-file without being boxed
and scroll-bars added ?

2. Example

Let's say the textstring:

"Company International Ltd"

Must be used in multiple HTML-documents.

Solution 2.A - Info in multiple places

Write the text "Company International Ltd" in every HTML document (Must
be maintained in multiple places. (People often
forget to change it everywhere).

Solution 2.B - Info in one place / Javascript

Make a JavaScript (File.js): Document.write("Company International Ltd")

And refer to it in multiple HTML documents. Use <SCRIPT>-tag

Solution 2.C - Info in one place / Plain text file (Simplest possible)

Make a text-file (File.txt): Company International Ltd

And refer to it in multiple HTML documents. Use <OBJECT>-tag

Simplest possible. No dependencies on script languages, tools, etc.

"Company International Ltd" shall not be in a box with scroll-bars. Just
be inserted in the text it
Is part of.

Best Regards,


Per Hygum Due, Software Engineer,

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On 28 Mar, Due Per-VCW437 wrote:

> The reason to have the TXT-files is reuse and "update-in-one-place"
> only.

   Unless I have missed something essential, then the usual method for
   handling this is to use either a scripting language to build the page
   from smaller templates, or use an off-line document pre-processor such
   as wmake, orb, or even good old make.

   It isn't strictly speaking a job for HTML, imho.

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